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  • Clean in Ancient Rome, Dirty in Modern England?

    An Ancient Bathhouse in East Sussex Beauport Park is the site of an Ancient Roman Bathhouse located in East Sussex, England. Roman bathhouses were a common feature across the Empire and could be found in most cities; they were used for bathing but also for relaxing and socializing. Generally, the bathhouses were accessible to all […]

  • Jubilation at the Jubilee?

    What does jubilee mean? The Oxford Dictionary describes a jubilee as ‘a special anniversary of an event, especially one celebrating twenty-five or fifty years of a reign or activity’.[1] For the British monarchy specifically, the jubilee is an important celebration of the reign of the current monarch. This year, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating […]

  • Conservation (and a 3D Scanner!) Comes to the Castle

    In early May 2022, the science lab of the Bader International Study Centre (BISC) became the nexus where hundreds of artefacts with drastically different histories, material properties, and provenance all came together. Iridescent glass fragments, WWII Royal Air Force porcelain, and archaeological iron horseshoes, all found on the grounds of Herstmonceux, currently occupy the same […]

  • Postcards from the Past

    The humble postcard is a quintessentially British souvenir. Often picked up casually at the gift shop of a historic house, art gallery or even beach front, it acts as a reminder of places visited and memories made which can be shared with friends and family back home. However, this was not always the intended purpose […]

  • Dendroclimatology on the Herstmonceux Estate

    Dendroclimatology is the study of tree rings and tree growth and can be used to study the present climate and to reconstruct climates from the past. The rings on a tree are more telling about the climate and how the environment looked hundreds of years ago than just the age of a tree. The size, […]

  • Emerging Digital Interpretive Opportunities for Visitors at Herstmonceux Castle

    While the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in drastic social and economic impacts, the need for an escape through tourism remains steady. Heritage Tourism remains one of the industry’s most popular forms. Heritage Tourism can be as ‘travellers seeing or experiencing built heritage, living culture or contemporary arts’.[1] Encountering a site and its stories can transport […]

  • A New Audio Trail for Herstmonceux Castle

    …is the soundscape of the world an indeterminate composition over which we have no control, or are we its composers and performers, responsible for giving it form and beauty? Raymond Murray Schafer, The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment and the tuning of the World (Rochester: Inner Traditions, 1994), p.136 On 16th February 2022, we introduced a […]

  • This is the Life! (1918 Edition)

    The picturesque Herstmonceux Castle and its estate have featured in many a glossy magazine over the years. In 1918, just a few years into Colonel Claude Lowther’s restoration project, the castle and its grounds were featured in Country Life. Country Life, which was established in 1897 by Edward Hudson, went on to become a household […]

  • Herstmonceux Castle in the 1921 Census

    On 6th January 2022 the 1921 census, which has been closed for a century, was made available to the public for the first time. The census is a survey which, usually, is taken every ten years to provide a snapshot of all the people and households in England and Wales. The object of a census […]